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XPS Supercarbon Hooks

XPS Supercarbon Hooks

Ami Pro Sword & xps

Pro Sword & XPS





Ami Hisashi


Ami Akura



Pre Tied Sea Rigs

PRO SWORD HOOKS This series of hooks has been developed By Roberto Trabucco for the modern competition angling. The range is composed by many different patterns with high quality and innovative design and technical contents. The Pro-Sword series has been produced with teh best quality Japanese stainless steel combined with a very high percentage of carbon, that gives aa good rigidity and avoid the hook to open when under stress. The hard blend steel/carbon allows also to keep the point, that is sharpeneby a chemical process and finished with lazer, to stay sharp for much longer time than any other hook in the market. The shank diameters and designs have been studied for the best performance with the specific bait to use, in order to maintain it alive as long as possible.

The XPS, Extra Performance Series, has been developed for professional anglers only. These hooks have been combined with the highest carbon percentage ever used so far. With this new production process, we can make extra strong hooks but with a very thin shank, that is an indispensable quality for the correct conservation and presentation of the bait. A particular care has been taken regarding the sharpening of the point, that is finished with a a lazer, in order to offer the best penetration along the whole time of the match. This is the first hook series ever produced for professionals anglers only.

Series of hooks that have been develped the demand of those commercial fisheries fans. It has been developed in cooperation with the best matchmen of England, where this particular fishing competitions have become during these last years a true mania. The range of patterns is quite large, offering 8 different solutions. They are produced with the best stainless steel combined with high carbon percentage and also a Teflon coating, that preserves the point sharpened for longer time. Bags of 10 hooks.


Special selection of treble hooks built with the best steel and chemically sharpened one by one. The wide range of sizes and different finishes enable them to be used for fishing in freshwater or in the sea, particularly suited to be used with lures. The ryder hooks is without doubts the best choice for fishing with dead baits.


The Akura hooks are the best selling hooks in the world, because their great quality and performances offered by the high carbon percentages and stainless steel used in production. The points are chemically sharpened. They are extremely reliable and offered at a great value for money. They are available in two version: the booklet and the card. They are tied with a japanese monofilament of excellent quality, and checked by 5 different quality controls. The booklets and cards contains 10 hooks to nylon. 

The Akura hooks to nylon, packed in booklet, offer the same quality of line and hooks used for the card packaging. But this kind of packaging allows to keep the line straight without any bend. They are even especially targeting to a fish or bait, that helps the anglers to choose the right hook on every situation. Hand tied with the best japanese line actually on market place, they keep an outstanding value for money.

Series of rigs ready to use and developed and tested by World Champion anglers. Thirteen versions for every kind of ground bottom and fish species, assembled with first quality accessories on a special semi-soft spool on which they can be easily rewinded once used.

Ready tied rigs for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, that can be used even without any live baits thanks to the special feathers and fish skins used to assemble them. With Sabiky you’ll be able to catch fishes all around the world. Each rig have been tested for long time before its launch on the market. One of the most important advice is to try them with different size of leads, as they allow you to change the retrieve. Instead to use a lead you can try them with a feeder filled with groundbait, to stimulate the fishes to feed. Available in different combinations hook/monofilament, in many varieties and different colours.