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2015 Top of The Range Front Drag Reels

The new Trabucco reel’s collection include some real jewels from mechanical point of view, with metal bodies highlighting the hi range models on performance side, plus some interesting innovations which are destined to draw the attention. As always, we have spent our best energies to care about design, because we believe that fishing tackle shouldn’t just have an utility, but should also be nice. After all, we are Italians, and would like the world to notice it!

Trabucco Invictus


Advanced metal alloys and high modulus carbon: only handle’s knob is made from traditional material! But high grade materials can do little if there isn’t the right technology to draw the best from them, and in this case plenty of it has been employed.


Trabucco Maniac


All anglers intensely love their hobby and often their friends tell them they’re like maniacs. Very likely they are right, and that’s why we designed the Maniac reel, that is a reel that won’t miss to make an impression for the incredible combination of sturdiness and smoothness.


Trabucco AirMag


If light weight is nice, then for sure the Airmag is beautiful! Featuring a super light weight magnesium body and a carbon rotor, the Airmag is the candidate to become the perfect reel to match with high end bolo rods and top class match rods.