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This Guide belongs to a publication’s series focusing the hottest disciplines of sport fishing, with the dual aim of illustrating the equipment and broaden the knowledge of the specific technique. Read more..
Trolling is one of the oldest, sporty and fascinating disciplines of sea fishing. Read more..
The new Trabucco Feeder Guide 2015 is available now! Read more..
Now available online the 2015 Catalogue! Read more..
And in the end the great Goran Radovic, finally succeeded to become World Champion angler for 2014. Read more..
Do you think it is impossible to fish with your feeder rods when the river stream is pushing too much? Read more..
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2015 Top of The Range Front Drag Reels The new Trabucco reel’s collection include some real jewels from mechanical point of view, with metal bodies highlighting the hi range models on performance side, plus some interesting innovations which are destined to draw the attention. Read more
2015 Top of The Range Front Drag Reels

New Surfcasting Rods 3 Sections
New Surfcasting Rods 3 Sections The Trabucco surf rod range grows very much for 2015 season, as a consequence of the hard job done by Trabucco Surfcasting Team. Here we display all new series, which are built with take apart sections. All important features and performances of these wonderful new products are clearly shown in our dedicated videos.  Read more

New GNT 2015 Every year, the date with new match season brings a lot of work at Trabucco team, with thousands of ideas coming on the drawing board and so much excitement about expected performances. On production side, Reglass grants full quality with advanced materials and his own technology to convert them into fantastic poles, while all practical solution and package building come from the daily use and from the endless research of Trabucco company. Read more
New GNT 2015

Carp Blue HT
Carp Blue HT A new generation of unbreakable pole floats, mainly destined to commercial lakes (carpodrome) as they can bear extreme pressure as well as any accidental shock. Their body is made from EVA (Ethilene Vinyl Acetate), an artificial material with a sponge-like structure which line can’t cut.  Read more

GNT Seatboxes GNT Seatboxes series are designed to meet the needs of the best European match anglers and Trabucco engineered together with them. Stable, easy and quick to set up, they offer a complete and very stable station with all the optional necessary to meet the requirements of the match anglers of any class. Gnt seatboxes are made with light alloy frame and swivelling mud feet, are robustness and easily transportable. Read more
GNT Seatboxes

Lucky Fish Finder
Lucky Fish Finder These amazing products are especially designed for amateur and professional fishermen alike, to findout the location of fish and depth of water. The units can be used in ocean, river or lake. Read more

The ideal combination Soon it will be Summertime and we all have more opportunities to go fishing on a beach. You don’t really need an expensive super set of rods and reels to catch gilt-head bream and sand steenbras, but you need good quality fishing tackle anyway. Read more
The ideal combination

XPS Pole Elastic Series
XPS Pole Elastic Series Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials available and to the strictest quality standards to grant all the anglers the best performance and reliability even for the most extreme fishing techniques. Super smooth with Slip Silicon treatment, 100% pure latex with highly visible fluorescent colours. Produced to be more forgiving on the strike, they retract faster inside the pole.  Read more

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