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Trabucco Fishing Diffusion salue avec gratitude et reconnaissance Michele Nardi, en le remerciant pour le travail qu'il a accompli au cours des dernières années... Read more..
Trabucco Fishing Diffusion salutes with gratitude and thankfulness Michele Nardi, thanking him for the work he carried out in recent years... Read more..
Do you think it is impossible to fish with your feeder rods when the river stream is pushing too much? Read more..
Our trolling fishing super assortment Read more..
The new Trabucco Feeder Guide 2014 is available now! Read more..
Trabucco TV- River Feeder Fishing - Trezzo d'Adda with Maurizio Fedeli and Maurizio Biolcati. Read more..
Brand new Fluorocarbon 100%, super soft and specifically designed for the most challenging techniques in salt water. Vast range of diameters, going from 0.12 to 1.00, in 50 meters spool from 0.12 to 0.50 and in 25 meters wrist spools in bigger diameters. Read more..
The state-of-the-art between the feeder rods is called Sygnum, a so complete and over performing series that cannot leave you indifferent. Read more..
We are proud to welcome Salvatore Bonaccorso, internationally notorious surf caster, in the big family of Trabucco testimonials and consultants. Read more..
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The ideal combination Soon it will be Summertime and we all have more opportunities to go fishing on a beach. You don’t really need an expensive super set of rods and reels to catch gilt-head bream and sand steenbras, but you need good quality fishing tackle anyway. Read more
The ideal combination

XPS Pole Elastic Series
XPS Pole Elastic Series Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials available and to the strictest quality standards to grant all the anglers the best performance and reliability even for the most extreme fishing techniques. Super smooth with Slip Silicon treatment, 100% pure latex with highly visible fluorescent colours. Produced to be more forgiving on the strike, they retract faster inside the pole.  Read more

Lancer HS Latest generation reel with super compact carbon body, very light but powerful and strong. The CNC machined aluminium long cast spool has a very large diameter to allow longer and more accurate casting.  Read more
Lancer HS

GNT SL Station
GNT SL Station The brand new GNT-SL STATION has been designed to be light weight and very stable. The frame features an exclusive minimalist but innovative style, it has an “X” shape that gives the whole structure a very strong and stiff touch, while keeping the weight as low as possible. Read more

Xplore The design of a new reel model requires long times and when in the end we come to the final product we always feel satisfied. When we finished the Xplore project the satisfaction was really huge because we thought to have achieved a result that far exceeded our initial expectations. Read more

Slurp! Artificial Baits
Slurp! Artificial Baits Trabucco’s Soft Lures are made of superior quality material, soft but still durable. These powerful scented lures are packed in a preserving oil that will maintain their outstanding performance. Every and each Soft Lure has its own design which is specific and effective, tested and improved by our Pro Team for long time before launching it in the market. Read more

XPS Fluorocarbon Wind-on Leader Trabucco’s high strength fluorocarbon combined with low stretch Dyna-Tex creates the strongest, most dependable wind-on leader in the world. Trabucco Wind-On Leaders are attached with a loop to loop connection to your fishing line.  Read more
XPS Fluorocarbon Wind-on Leader

Cassiopea MN2
Cassiopea MN2 The next generation of Cassiopea, the 3 pieces surf casting rod designed in co operation with Michele Nardi. It is a further step ahead in fishing rod technology. Read more

Krypteria Brand new series of powerful and yet sensitive surf casting rods, designed in co operation with Michele Nardi. The three equal sections of the blank have a small diameter and are buit with the new CX-2 Nano Carbon LRC, a low resin carbon material. Read more

Cattura MN2
Cattura MN2 A top range pure Beach Ledgering rod, designed in co operation with Michele Nardi. It is actually a complete new design for most famous of our Beach Ledgering rods, built using the new CX-2 Nano LRC Carbon, a low resin carbon material. A further step ahead to the absolute perfection! Read more

Sirenia MN Innovative 3 sections blank designed in co operation with Michele Nardi. The Sirenia is a special Beach Ledgering rod with a single tubular tip with great sensitivity. Read more
Sirenia MN

Nemesea MN
Nemesea MN Michele Nardi conceived this new design for the Nemesea series using very well tested blanks, made of CX-1 Micro Pitch Carbon, a strong, reliable and fast reactive material that matches modern market requests. Read more

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