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Landing Net Handles

Landing Nets

Pro-Net Keepnets 
At very robust keepnet, suitable for large catches, made in waterproof and odourless mesh. All the rings are sinking and covered with a special plastic sheath to protect the keepnet mesh from chafing, especially on the concretebanks and abrasive lake bottoms. The fixing of the net to the bank stick or keepnet arm is articulated and equipped with two toothed rings that are joined by screwing the knob ensuring a secure grip. this also means that the net can be set at exactly the chosen angle Available in round and rectangular, in two different meshes: one with stard Micro Mesh and one with reinforced Micro Mesh which is perfect for commercial carp fisheries.

TX Pro-Net Advanced Design Net Head
Trabucco offers a wide range of landing net heads, developed and tested by the best italian and european anglers. They are made of anodized aluminium, and offer a variety of shapes and mesh qualities.The hydrodynamic designs have been developed by the 20 years experience all over the main fishing venues of Europe, and allow to manoeuvre the landing net head easily when following the fish approaching.